It is amazing how a small number of qualitative interviews (8-10) or focus groups (4-8) can assist the decision between several advertising/brochure/communication concepts, and how they can help polish headlines, copy and layout.

Advertising agencies regularly present clients with 3 or 4 alternative creative approaches. Real-life feedback from actual customers/prospects will ensure that the most effective alternative is chosen and will usually increase the impact and performance of the campaign significantly. The investment is tiny compared to the cost of the media schedule!

While qualitative surveys are commissioned to develop or refine the content of advertising/brochures and other communication material, quantitative surveys are used to assess the actual effect of the live campaign. Often a “benchmark” wave of interviews is commissioned before the campaign starts and then a second towards the end of the campaign (a “pre & post” study). When awareness levels form part of a company’s strategic objectives, a regular tracking (monthly or quarterly) survey is usually commissioned.