It is (usually) much cheaper to get repeat business from existing customers than to find/convert new customers….assuming that your customers are satisfied with the product/service you offer. But are they? Are there identifiable groups of customers who are dissatisfied, and are some customers already buying from your competitors? If so, what needs to be done to bring them back “on side”?

Customer satisfaction surveys often contain both qualitative and quantitative elements, providing information on “what % are (dis)satisfied”, “why” and “what can be done to improve things”.

They usually investigate not only the client’s customers but also those of their competitors (which is possible due to interviews being independent, anonymous and non-attributable).

This broad range of knowledge then enables the client to make both tactical and strategic decisions in order to increase satisfaction and to counter any competitive threats.

As for U&A studies, customer satisfaction surveys are often commissioned on a regular basis (quarterly or annual is normal, depending on the number of customers).