Why would you commission a new survey if the answer can already be found in the public domain? This is a classic case where desk/secondary research is called for, and you can easily tap into our experience doing just this sort of work.

By conducting thorough searches of the internet, newspapers, journals, industry databases, government websites and a whole host of other sources it is astonishing what can be discovered.

By then conducting a small number of ‘detective style’ telephone interviews with, for instance, your competitors, their customers, distributors, industry influencers, trade bodies, and government organisations, robust and reliable insight can be gained.

The result? Strategic intelligence of your marketplace, your competitors or any other topic that you choose, internationally at a fraction of the cost of commissioning a survey.

When conducting desk / secondary research, consider using paid for sites and sources.  While many sites are available free of charge, many others require paid for subscriptions. Generally, your most productive internet searches use a combination of free and paid for sources. It’s worth asking probing questions about the range of paid for sources that your research agency has access to. Here’s a list of 50 Paid-for Subscription Websites for Desk Research  you can use.

To discuss your desk/secondary research needs, please contact us.