Do you need to find out:

  • Your market size?
  • The market share for you and your competitors?
  • The overall trends in your market share or market size?

Before investing in research into market share or market size, you need to be confident that your efforts aren’t going to waste.

Specialised understanding and skill is required to complete this research, so it is unlikely that you’ll be able to obtain such a market size/market share report ‘off the shelf’.

Using the many years of experience gained from our highly qualified (MBA & Business analyst graduates) team, other market research projects have been completed for a variety of organisations, from district councils up to multi-international construction companies.

If you would like to see what value we have provided for these companies, view the market size and market share research results sections within our website.

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To obtain the market size or market share data you require, we use tried and tested methodology to work in:

  • Consumer and B2B markets
  • Niche markets
  • International markets

Drawing on a wide range of sources, our market research involves a combination of:

  • Desk/Secondary research
  • Targeted detective-style telephone interviews

This market research will supply you with valuable insights into potential sales volume and revenue of a product or brand, to allow you to make informed decisions about your marketing activities.

Opportunities and threats in both current and future markets can be identified through the market size and market share research we provide. This can be used to give credibility to business plans, strategies and forecasts.

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