Would you like front page coverage in the press, or a slot on television or radio in a prime slot? Well, this is a common event for clients who use our PR Research service.

Whether drawing on desk/secondary research or primary research (perhaps an online survey), we will work closely with your PR agency to research a series of themes/stories that are then turned into hard-hitting press releases.

This 3-way working relationship is extremely powerful. You know your business, we know how to identify data/facts that will be of major interest to the media, and your PR agency knows how to write (and then polish/refine) press releases to secure extensive media coverage.

To give you confidence, clients such as uSwitch, Lexis Nexis and Durrants have all benefited from our PR Research, through PR Agencies such as Staniforth, Lansons Communications, Ogilvy PR, Circle and Mistral PR.

To discuss your PR Research needs, whatever your sector, please contact Martin Holliss.